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Welcome to the Gulf Coast Accordion JamFest

Gulf Coast Accordion JamFest & Competition

Saturday March 8, 2014 - 9am to 12:30pm
National Accordion Association Convention

Southfork Hotel and Convention Center (http://www.SouthforkHotel.com ),
12720 Merit Drive, Dallas, Texas 75251
1600 North Central Expressway
Plano, Texas 75074

Southfork Hotel Reservation System ($90 per night with breakfast- Event code is ACCORDIONG)

Entry Deadline March 7 (or register at Convention)

- Competition is open to all ages, all instrument, all styles, – semi-professional and amateur – especially the adult Hobby-est!

Musician will be judged against the perfect score of 100 – win a medal for the grade – win a trophy for top 3 places in age bracket.

Gulf Coast JamFest Solo & Ensemble Competition
One Solo $10
One Duet or Duet or Ensemble $10 - (Add’l $2 for each member)


Gulf Coast JamFest OPEN Competition (Solo or Duet or Ensemble)
Jamfest Category – SHOWMANSHIP – Sing, Dance, engage audience, Entertain
$25 (Add’l $2 for each member) - Two Songs min. - Winners per age bracket.

ALL - First Place winners compete for Additional Prizes like FREE ACCORDIONS, FREE INSTRUCTION, AND MORE

Other Details:
• Max of 12 per category (age will be broken into 4 year categories until enough entries - with adult in 20 year categories until enough entries)
• There will be points ADDED for degree of difficulty – up to 10 points – as appropriate for age category and obvious level of the musician. So a score of 110 is possible.
• Each performance will be allowed up to 5 minutes to perform one selection (10 minutes for JamFest – multiple songs).
• Musician may read music (no deductions). No music will be presented to the judges.
• Fully acoustic or electronic instruments allowed with small amp (provided by contestant). No equipment will be furnished by competition except a Piano.

Dallas National Accordion Association JamFest Competition
1. Solo Competition
2. Duet & Ensemble Competition
3. Gulf Coast JamFest Competition

10 am to 4 pm

Register By Mail, By Internet or at the NAA Convention

Enter by Age

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